DORPAN GROUP is an organization with a vision to build places and landmarks of great significance to the people and society of Bangladesh and to contribute to the growth of the national economy through industrialization and services. Development of knowledge base society is an important aspect of us. DORPAN GROUP has been established and is run by a set of enlightened individuals who are socially responsible and professionally acceptable.

Our vision on property developments has been to establish a decent accommodation for city dwellers and to offer lifestyle that people deserve for their healthier environment. We are committed for eco-friendly residence with full of modern facilities. Our mission is to provide the right combination of technology, architecture, environmental friendly infrastructure and experienced team to assure best solutions for our projects and secure the valuable investments of clients. As a business partner, we are here to realize your unique demands and provide the best services available in the industry. We are liable for whole responsibilities of putting the best solution together and making it dynamic and best for you using latest technology.

Agro-based industry is another important aspect for us. Proper utilization of natural agro-resources in advanced technological way will help us to ensure national nutrients, employment generation and saving of foreign currency. DORPAN Social Development Foundation (DSDF) is highly dedicated to provide and ensure high quality education and health service to the community people.

We believe hard work deserves to be rewarded. Our directors and shareholders are dedicated to do hard word in planning, developing and completion of our different projects. Thus we are involved in developing a healthy lifestyle, educated society, ensuring corporate and social responsibilities and strengthening the national economy.

(Mrs. Umme Kulsum)

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to visit our website. Bangladesh is a country of enormous possibilities. I believe that proper utilization of natural resources, manpower and update technology will help us to be one of the emerging countries of the world.

My long experience in plant development and Management Relationship brings me to understand that customers are the main essence of any organization related in development of private sectors. Erection of eco friendly residence in urban and sub-urban area with all necessary facilities within the reasonable price, establishment of agro-farm, textile mills and chemical plants are the main projects of us. Whereas we also have a strong plan to play a vital role in the field of education and health. We are committed to use the latest and automated CLEAN TECHNOLOGY for our projects in sustainable way.

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with our clients. I along with our directors and shareholders, staffs are committed to provide best services to our customers. We believe, the future growth of our organization depends on providing excellent services with quality products to customers as well as our ability to help clients make good business decisions.

If you invest in DORPAN GROUP, I hope you will gain the partnership with a company that is committed for your success and will secure of your investment. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you now and well in the future.

I am confident that our enterprises will become one of the leading companies in the respective field of Bangladesh within a logical period of time.

 Engr. Shah Md.Faysal Bin Rahman