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Bangladesh is a potential & emerging country with abundant resources in limited area. It rises towards development day by day while passes 4 decades after independence. Far sighted planning & skilled workforce will rush our growth rapidly we believe. We dream our land a developed country through our capacity, capability & integrity.

DORPAN GROUP is an initiative to make the dream a reality at broad daylight by having highly professional skillness & real commitment. Professionals like professors, engineers, architects, planners, doctors, bankers, lawyers gather here to invest their knowledge, time & labor to build a constructive Bangladesh.

DORPAN GROUP is a venture of some local renowned entrepreneurs and Bangladeshi expatriates living in the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, KOREA, EU and other countries including the Middle-East. It started its journey with Joint Stock Company registration as DORPAN Properties Limited, DORPAN Agro Farm Limited and DORPAN Social Development Foundation (DSDF) from April 2011. Though we started journey with three enterprises while other ventures will be started as early as possible. We are hopeful that we would be able to run a long way and would be able to win the support and trust of both local and foreign investors, clients and partners. We are also committed that we will never forget our mission, vision, core value and ethics.

DORPAN GROUP has a firm commitment towards the nation and community for the improvement in quality of life of people. A portion of group profit is allocated to various philanthropic trusts, foundation and social organization working for human kind. These trusts are providing valuable services to society by funding numbers of educational & healthcare institutions.

DORPAN GROUP has been continuously involved in innovating ideas that could help define a relationship between human and nature.

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